Newspapers Publish Their Reaction

Many journalists wrote about the ongoing revolutionary events for women, and in their articles many voiced their opinions about the said events.
The New York Times was printed abundantly
"There is nothing more beautiful in nature than the dependence of Woman upon Man. It is the true secret of their mutual perfection; the lever-balance upon which hang their opposite but connected duties. She clings to him, and he stands all the firmer for addition. She has hope; he courage. She trusts; he performs. This tender relationship of Protector and Protected has generated chivalric sentiment of gallantry which the apostles of female rights scorn, but which is inexpressibly dear to every true-hearted woman." - New York Times 1853
Authors such as this believed in the preservation of marriage, meaning:
  • women should have power against abusive husbands
  • women need to stay within their domestic sphere
  • women and men should not be equal